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Velocity Hockey Philosophy

Becoming stronger and more powerful is critical to Hockey success, especially as one attempts to move up from level to level. Being Stronger and more powerful contributes to faster and more powerful skating, balance, shooting and checking as well as injury prevention. Remember…. improving hockey performance is not the same as general fitness and general strength. Players of all abilities must focus on other components like explosiveness, quickness, agility, speed, lateral movement, balance, reaction skills and technical skills and tactics. The proper hockey strength & power training is the foundation that these important attributes are built from and are the basis for the programs designed at the Velocity Hockey Center.

"As the lead hockey instructor and Director of all the Velocity Hockey Camps, I will enhance our tradition and reputation by providing my clients with world-class service that creates memorable, learning hockey experiences. I have a passion to serve those willing to improve their knowledge and skill level. I will implement a work environment of enthusiasm, dedication, desire and fun that ensures a positive and successful experience for everyone."

--Noel Rahn, Owner & Hockey Performance Coordinator/Instruction