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Skate Sharpening at Velocity Hockey Center

1 Skate Sharpening: $5.00

1 Brand New Skates Sharpening: $7.00

1 Skate Sharpening Card (includes 12 sharpenings): $50.00

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The Velocity Hockey Center and their professional staff take great pride in sharpening all players skates on their BLADEMASTER Skate Sharpener!  We have over 25 years of experience sharpening skates for players of all levels. 

The BLADEMASTER has earned its reputation as the leader in the Skate Care Industry in North America and has established itself in the European markets. BLADEMASTER offers the finest quality skate sharpening equipment together with a full line of service products.

Professional equipment managers and sporting goods retailers throughout the world use all BLADEMASTER’S skate sharpeners and accessories extensively.

The BLADEMASTER is the official skate sharpener of Team Canada and Team U.S.A.

In 1997 BLADEMASTER introduced the only complete service centre in the industry. With the service centre, the dealer can custom fit and repair figure, hockey and in-line boots and can custom mount the blade and chassis to suit the skater's individual style. The service centre products include a custom bench, a boot punch, a heat gun, an oven/boot stretcher, alignment fixtures, a boot stand, a riveter and an in-line wheel-bearing washer. Many of these products are exclusive to BLADEMASTER.

Come to Velocity to experience our sharpening and stop avoiding llong lines at other sporting good stores!