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2020 Summer Stickhandling & Shooting Clinics

This clinic is designed for players who are serious about taking their Stick-handling/Shooting abilities to the next level. In this session, players will be instructed being shown good technique, going through quality repetitions and being provided positive feedback thus enhancing their ability to succeed.

This clinic will consist of an instructor/player ratio of 1 to 4 totaling 2 instructors and 8 players per group. The small group atmosphere will enable players to get many quality repetitions as well as quality instruction. The clinic will consist of eight (8) one hour on-ice of instruction. 

Players will work on the following Hockey Skills:

Stationary Puckhandling
Jukes and Dekes 
Power turns with puck 
Transition Stickhandling with puck 
Making power moves through the triangle

Puck Protection

Wrist, Snap, Slap, Backhand Shots
One Timers, Shooting w/Pressure
Stationary & Skating with Puck
Skating/Shooting With Pucks at at high end speeds

Small Area Games:
Shooting & Accuracy Games


2020 Velocity Stickhandling Clinic Squirt/10U EP

Date Time Location
June 16th 8:20-9:20am EP Velocity
June 23rd 8:20-9:20am EP Velocity
June 30th 8:20-9:20am EP Velocity
July 14th 8:20-9:20am EP Velocity
July 21st 8:00-9:00am EP Velocity
July 28th 8:00-9:00am EP Velocity
August 4th 8:00-9:00am EP Velocity
August 11th 8:00-9:00am EP Velocity