To be ready for try-outs, Velocity is here to help refine your skills and get you in playing shape. Join us at Velocity for high-quality instruction devoted to improving your individual skills. Our Pre-Tryout Clinics will leave you feeling more confident and prepared when you step out on the ice! We'll put you in position to reach your goals and make a team!

Beginning in September, Our Pre-Tryout Clinics will push you beyond your comfort zone to maximize your skill set and produce noticeable improvements in preparation for the upcoming season. Our Pre-tryout Clinics will focus on fine tuning existing skills, providing the final dose of confidence you'll need to perform your very best at try-outs.  

On-Ice Skills Session Details:

1.  Conditioning
2.  Skating
3.  Stick-handling & Shooting
4.  Body Position
5.  Small Area Games
6.  High Speed & Competitive Drills

Strength Training Skills Session Details:

Strength/Agility Development focus areas include:
1. Body Weight Exercises (Plyometrics & Box Jumps)
2. Strength & Power Core, Legs and Upper Body Training
3. Endurance, Anaerobic Fitness & Conditioning