Advanced Mites Clinics

This is a four-week program. Skaters will be on the ice twice weekly (limited to 16 skaters per session). The Advanced Mite program will run for four consecutive weeks at one hour per session. 

In this Advanced Velocity Session, students will continue to work on the basic fundamentals of skating, but at a much more rapid and intense pace.

In addition, students will be learning the following advanced skating techniques in this session:

           •  Inside/Outside Edge work.
           •  Explosive Starts and the first three strides
           •  Quick Forward and Backward Transitions
           •  Accelerating out of Tight Turns
           •  Powerful Crossovers
           •  Lateral Mobility 
           •  Small Games
           •  Speed and Agility Races
           •  Stick-handling Drills
           •  Shooting and Passing

We will have two instructors on the ice at all times during this camp, a 8-1 ratio.