Rookie 4/5/6 Year Olds Clinics

This is a four-week program. Skaters will be on the ice twice weekly (limited to 16 skaters per session). All students will skate for one hour each session. The main focus of this program will be learning the basic fundamentals of skating and developing the proper skating stride with good all around technique. In addition, students will work on stick-handling and puck control. Sessions will take place in a FUN and EXCITING atmosphere!

Players will be learning the following techniques in this session:

           •  Inside/Outside Edges
           •  Stations Work (Stick-handling, Skating & Shooting) 
           •  Backwards Skating
           •  Forward/Backward Crossovers
           •  Proper Stride Technique
           •  Balance and Control
           •  Skating With Pucks
           •  Small Games
           •  Speed and Agility Races