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2014 Velocity Hockey AAA Development Teams

2014 Velocity Hockey Boys Tryouts Coming September 7th & 8th

Velocity Hockey will be conducting tryouts for next season September 7th at Braemar Arena.  Please register for the tryouts on the links below.

Please check out details of our Velocity 2014 AAA Program!

Velocity Hockey AAA Program Description

We are a Tier 1, AAA Youth Hockey Team with a mission of providing a Competitive, Skill Focused, and Winning Environment for players from the State of Minnesota.

Velocity Hockey has designed and developed the ULTIMATE off-season training program for elite hockey players of all ages. As a former NCAA National Champion, NHL player agent and NHL Scout, Noel Rahn has developed a Model Program and has compiled some of the best experts in their field to assist these players who are looking to develop their overall hockey skills both on and off the ice to enable them to prepare them for the next level of play.

The home for this one of kind program will be held at Braemar Arena in Edina and the Velocity Hockey Center in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Velocity Hockey is home to where 20 NHL players train annually along with many of the top College and High School players from the metro area. Velocity Hockey combines all the aspects for proper Performance Development in: Skating, Skill Work, Strength and Conditioning all located under one roof to provide the perfect platform for player development. This combined with some of the best coaches in their field make this program a truly unique and fun Training Program.

The Velocity Hockey AAA Team Package will include participation in all of the following events:

1. Participation in 3 local AAA Tournaments: One (1) in the Spring & two (2) in the Fall. Teams will have ALL 40+hrs of big sheet practices at Braemar Ice Arena during the Spring, Summer and Fall. Each practice will be 1.25 hours in duration.

2. Participation in our very popular 2014 Velocity Hockey Center 3 on 3 Spring/Summer/Fall League: This league is a great way to build and improve your overall skills in a very competitive environment. Players will learn to make plays in confined space at an accelerated pace. The team will participate has a whole. League will consist of:

  • 10 Spring Games plus playoffs
  • 8 Summer/Fall Games plus playoffs

3.  Participation in the Velocity Hockey 8-week On and Off-Ice Summer Skills Training Program: This takes place during the day starting June 9th and ending August 8th. This program will focus on INDIVIDUAL skill development. Practices will be held at Braemar Ice Arena and Velocity Hockey Center during the day. 

Our Program will include 2 components of training:

On-Ice Skills Fundamentals Training Program

Students will skate three times a week. They will skate twice a week at Braemar Ice Arena for 1.25 hours a session and once a week at Velocity Hockey Center for a one hour session. The summer training program will last 8 weeks with the 4th of July week off. Noel Rahn, Kelly Fairchild, and Ryan Theros will run this On-Ice program.

The Skill Development Sessions will focus on the following with and without the puck: 

  • Edge Work & Technique Skating
  • Multi-Directional Movement Skills
  • First Step Quickness/Power
  • Forward & Backward Lateral Mobility
  • Explosive Stride
  • Forward and Backward Transition
  • Stick Handling Skills and Techniques
  • Shooting Skills and Techniques
  • Checking and Angling Skills
  • Small Area Games

Off-Ice Skating Treadmill/Skill Deck Stickhandling Training Sessions

Students will train off-ice for 1.25 hours twice a week for 8 weeks. Students will utilize Velocity Hockey’s Multi-Tasking Skating Treadmill with a built in Skill Deck. In these sessions, players will be working one on one with a skating instructor on the following skating fundamentals:

  • Balance
  • Edge Work
  • Leg Strength
  • Posture
  • Stride Technique
  • Confidence

Players will utilize the turf track for developing skills including:

  • Acceleration
  • Coordination
  • Explosiveness (Maximum Power Output)
  • Foot Work
  • Change of Direction

Players will use the shooting lanes to develop and sharpen all shooting skills including:

  • Accuracy
  • Strength
  • Weight Transfer
  • Body Position
  • Shot Quickness
  • Timing

Players will be able to use the skill deck and stick-handling areas to work on skills including:

  • Hand Placement
  • Puck Control
  • Hand Speed
  • Body and Head Position
  • Wrist and Hand Strength
  • Soft Hands

Players will also be put through a stick-handling circuit on a weekly basis while training on the skill deck. All players will be given stick-handling homework that they will be required to do 4-5 times a week at home.