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    2015 Velocity Late Summer Clinics Registrations

    2015 Summer Skills and Fundamentals Clinic: Boys and Girls Ages 4, 5, 6

    This is a 4 Week Session. The skaters will be on the ice twice weekly (limited to 20 Skaters per Session)  All Students will skate for 1 hour each session.  In this session the main focus will be to learn the basic fundamentals of skating and develop the proper skating stride with good all around technique. In addition, students will work on stick-handling and puck control. Sessions will be in a FUN and EXCITING atmosphere!

    Players will be learning the following techniques in this session:

               •  Inside/Outside Edges
               •  Explosive Starts and Sudden Starts
               •  Backwards Skating
               •  Forward/Backward Crossovers
               •  Power Stride length
               •  Balance and Control
               •  Skating With Pucks
               •  Small Games
               •  Speed and Agility Races

    2015 Summer Mites/10U Skills and Fundamentals Clinic

    This is a 4 Week Session.  The skaters will be on the ice twice weekly (limited to 20 Skaters per Session).  The program will run for 4 consecutive weeks 2 days each week.

    In this advanced Velocity Session, students will continue to work on the basic Fundamentals of Skating but at a much more rapid and intense pace. In addition, students will be learning the following advanced skating techniques in this session.

               •  Inside/Outside Edge work.
               •  Explosive Starts and the first 3 strides
               •  Quick Forward and Backward Transitions
               •  Accelerating out of Tight Turns
               •  Powerful Crossovers
               •  Lateral Mobility 
               •  Small Games
               •  Speed and Agility Races
               •  Stickhandling Drills
               •  Shooting and Passing

    2015 Mites/10U Skills and Fundamentals Camp #2 Registration

    Please click on link for program details.

    Register for Squirts Session #2

    Clinic Dates July 13th to August 7th

    Register for Peewee Session #2

    Clinic Dates July 13th to August 7th

    2015 Velocity Defensemen Clinic

    Due to HIGH demand, Velocity Hockey is pleased to announce that we are adding a NEW!  Defensemen Clinic to our popular 2015 Summer Clinics list. This clinic will be held at Braemar Arena in Edina. Noel Rahn & Ryan Theros will be the lead instructors for this popular clinic. 

    Players will skate 1.25 hours twice a week for four weeks for a total of 10 hours.  This clinic will be unique in that we will only have 12 players on the ice per group. This will insure each player will maximize their development with a ton of quality reps and on top of that get more individualized coaching on the ice. 

    For this clinic we will ONLY be having two age specific groups. We will have a (Peewee) group and a (Bantam) group. We also are only taking players who played at the B1, A and AA level this past winter season. Please see registration for camp dates and times for both session. 

    Velocity Hockey’s Defensemen Clinic will feature a variety of different teaching tactics for Defensemen who are looking to improve their defensive skills by first being taught the mechanics of the position and then applying those skills to game situations.  Here are some of the things we will be working on throughout the 4 weeks camp.  We will be working on these within a variety of defensemen drills. 

    Skating:  pivoting, quick feet, transitional skating, crossovers, agility, speed, lateral mobility etc.. These will all be done with & without the puck.  

    Shooting/Puck Control:  all kinds of shooting techniques ranging from quick release, one timers, shooting through trafficand lanes, wrist shots, snap shots, slap shots, lateral, and off balanced shots.

    Body Contact:  body position, angling, stick position, In front of net play, corner play, battling 1 on 1.

    Gap Control:  taking away time & space, limiting opponents ability to move with the puck on the attack.

    Breakouts:  reading pressure, partner support, different types of passes, positional play on the breakout, breakout options.

    Reading the Play/Rush:  1 on 1, 2 on 1, 2 on 2 and 3 on 2

    Playing in all 3 zones:  Offensive Zone, Neutral Zone and Defensive Zone.



    ADDED CLINIC! Register NOW for the 2015 Peewee/Bantam Defense Clinic

    Clinic Dates: July 14th to August 6th. Please click on link to view all details.

    2015 Checking, Angling, Puck Protection Clinic

    Velocity Hockey checking, angling and battle camp will concentrate on the key elements a player needs to have in order to be a strong, safe and effective checker. Players will go through drills that incorporate the right checking techniques for all positions on the ice. Players will battle all over the ice using the proper angling and checking techniques they will use in game situations. 

    Group Description:

    Students will work on the following checking skills:
    ·         Body position
    ·         Proper checking technique
    ·         Receiving a hit technique
    ·         Open ice checking
    ·         Safety

    Students will work on the following angling skills:
    ·         Angling techniques
    ·         Skating techniques
    ·         Body Positioning
    ·         Open ice angling
    ·         Decision making

    Puck Protection
    Students will work on the following battle skills:
    ·         Small area battling
    ·         Net position battling
    ·         Stick positioning
    ·         Body position

    Monday & Wednesday July 13th-August 5th

    Please contact Ryan Theros @ (952) 937-0949 with any questions.



    July/Aug Schedule:

    Date: Day: Time:
    July 13th Monday 3:15 - 4:15pm
    July 15th Wednesday 3:15 - 4:15pm
    July 20th Monday 3:15 - 4:15pm
    July 22nd Wednesday 3:15 - 4:15pm
    July 27th Monday 3:15 - 4:15pm
    July 29th Wednesday 3:15 - 4:15pm
    August 3rd Monday 3:15 - 4:15pm
    August 5th Wednesday 3:15 - 4:15pm