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    Power Skating Clinic

    Velocity Hockey Center in Eden Prairie will be starting a morning power skating clinic for players looking to improve their overall stride efficiency and performance.  The coach of the clinic will be Avi Friedman and it will run every Tuesday morning before school, starting on November 4th.  Our mission is to see students improve their overall skating skills, while having fun at the same time, to teach students that with hard work and determination, they can achieve their goals and reach their full potential.  Skating is by far the most essential skill of ice hockey; if you can’t skate, you can’t play. The Velocity Power Skating program is designed to teach, develop, and reinforce proper skating technique to provide a strong foundation and self-confidence from which to grow as a hockey player.


    The focus of our power skating clinic is to improve each hockey player’s quickness, balance, speed, agility, and power through the use of a series of specifically designed hockey drills and exercises.  Players will develop a more explosive and lengthened stride, learn how to use their edges to generate speed, develop efficient start and stop techniques, learn how to effectively pivot and make transitions, develop dynamic inside and outside edge control and will be challenged to perform elite level skating maneuvers.


    We will be running two 45-minute sessions every Tuesday morning for 8-weeks.   The cost for the 8-weeks will be $200, which breaks down to $25/session. We will cap the clinic at 12 skaters.  Please refer to the Power Skating tab on our website to check dates and availability. 

    6:15-7:00am Session 1 - Bantam/Peewee/U14 - AA, A, B1

    (High School Varsity and JV players are welcome to skate with Session 1)

    7:15-8:00am Session 2 - Peewee/Squirt/U12 - AA, A, B1, B2


    Spots are limited and the clinics will fill up very quickly, so make sure to register as soon as possible.  Please contact Avi with any questions.

    Rise and Shine Power Skating Registration (Bantam/Peewee/U14)

    6:15-7:00am (8 week registration link) Peewee/Bantam/U14 - AA, A, B1

    Rise and Shine Power Skating Registration (Squirt/Peewee/U12)

    7:15-8:00am (8 week registration link) Peewee/Squirt/U12 - AA, A, B1, B2

    Avi Friedman

    Performance Coach

    Phone: 954.415.2332



    Small Group clinic will train 1 time per week over a 10 week period

    Each session will be 45 minutes long and focus on both Stickhandling and Shooting 

    Stickhandling and Shooting program will progress each week to improve players ability to shoot and handle the puck effectively in all situations

    All training will be done wearing skates on our synthetic ice at Velocity Training Center in Edina

    Players will train in 2 groups of 4 players (8 players max per session) 4 to 1 player to coach ratio

    Groups will train on the following dates

    November       Tuesday Group's   4,11,18,25

                            Thursday Group's   6,13,20, 26* 

    *Thursday group will train on Wednesday morning the week of Thanksgiving*

    December       Tuesday Group's   2,9,16

                            Thursday Group's   4,11,18

    January           Tuesday Group's    6,13,20

                            Thursday Group's    8,15,22


    *All sessions will be ran by Kelly Fairchild*  

    $299 per player


    Session 1 - Tuesday’s - 6:30am - 7:15am   (Peewee/U12)

    Session 2 - Tuesday’s - 7:20am - 8:05am    (Squirt/U10)

    Session 3 - Thursday’s - 6:30am - 7:15 am  (Peewee/U12)

    Session 4 - Thursday’s - 7:20 am - 8:05am  (Squirt/U10)


    Velocity Hockey Fall Learn to Skate Program

    Velocity’s Learn to Skate Program has been designed for players 3 years of age and up.  “If you do not know how to skate or are just starting out, this is the program for you!”


    4:1 Student to Instructor Ratio – Insures each student gets the most individualized instruction possible. 


    Program uses Velocity’s unique training tools to help beginning skaters improve their:


    1.  Balance

    2.  Edge work

    3.  Posture

    4.  Stride Technique

    5.  Confidence

    6.  Holding the Stick

    7.  Proper playing gear

    8.  Getting up and down off the ice.


    The Program is a combination of exercises on the floor, skating treadmill and on ice progressions, all in a fun and safe environment. Please note that we do require full hockey equipment for our Learn to Skate Program. This includes stick, gloves, helmet, shin pads, elbow pads, etc... 




    Registration Details 2014 October/November:

    2014 Velocity Hockey Learn to Skate Program Oct/Nov (NOW OPEN)

    Please click on link for program details.


    Date: Day: Time:
    October 20th Monday 1:15 - 2:15pm
    October 22nd Wednesday 1:15 - 2:15pm
    October 27th Monday 1:15 - 2:15pm
    October 29th Wednesday 1:15 - 2:15pm
    November 3rd Monday 1:15 - 2:15pm
    November 5th Wednesday 1:15 - 2:15pm
    November 10th Monday 1:15 - 2:15pm
    November 12th Wednesday 1:15 - 2:15pm