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    Velocity Fall Clinics Registrations OPEN!

    2015 Fall Defensemen Clinics

    Due to HIGH demand, Velocity Hockey is pleased to announce that we are adding a NEW! Noel Rahn & Joe Gleason will be the lead instructors for all of these sessions.  Players will skate 1.25 hours twice a week for four weeks for a total of 10 hours.  This clinic will be unique in that we will only have 12 players on the ice per group.  This will insure each player will maximize their development with a ton of quality reps and on top of that get more individualized coaching on the ice. 

    We will have a Peewee group and a Bantam group this summer.  Please see registration for camp dates and times.

    Velocity Hockey’s Defensemen Clinic will feature a variety of different teaching tactics for Defensemen who are looking to improve their defensive skills by first being taught the mechanics of the position and then applying those skills to game situations.  Here are some of the things we will be working on throughout the 4 weeks camp.  We will be working on these within a variety of defensemen drills.

    Skating:  pivoting, quick feet, transitional skating, crossovers, agility, speed, lateral mobility etc.. These will all be done with & without the puck.  

    Shooting/Puck Control:  all kinds of shooting techniques ranging from quick release, one timers, shooting through traffic and lanes, wrist shots, snap shots, slap shots, lateral, and off balanced shots.

    Body Contact:  body position, angling, stick position, In front of net play, corner play, battling 1 on 1.

    Gap Control:  taking away time & space, limiting opponents ability to move with the puck on the attack.

    Breakouts:  reading pressure, partner support, different types of passes, positional play on the breakout, breakout options.

    Reading the Play/Rush:  1 on 1, 2 on 1, 2 on 2 and 3 on 2

    Playing in all 3 zones:  Offensive Zone, Neutral Zone and Defensive Zone.


    Registration for the 2nd year Peewees & All Bantams Defense Clinic


    Date Time Location
    10/10 8:00-9:15am EP
    10/12 8:00-9:15am EP
    10/17 8:00-9:15am EP
    10/19 8:00-9:15am EP
    10/24 8:00-9:15am EP
    10/26 8:00-9:15am EP


    In preparation to performing to be your best it requires time devoted to developing your hockey skills year round. To be ready for try-outs it is time refine your skills and get back to work. Join us at Velocity for high quality instruction devoted to improving your individual skills and feel more confident and prepared when you step out on the ice in anticipation of reaching your goals to make a team!

    Each fall, Velocity Hockey has opportunities to prepare you to be your best for try-outs.  We are offering both on and off the ice programs to prepare you the best you can.  

    Beginning in September, Our Pre-Tryout Clinics will push you beyond your comfort zone to maximize the time and produce noticable improvement in preparation for the upcoming season.  Within our Pre-tryout Clinics we will focus on fine tuning existing skills providing a last dose of confidence to perform your very best in try-outs.  

    We will be focusing on the following when your here for your session:

    1.  Conditioning
    2.  Skating
    3.  Stickhandling & Shooting
    4.  Body Position
    5.  Small Area Games
    6.  High Compete Drills

    Peewee Schedule

    Date Time Location
    9/21 6:30-7:45pm EP
    9/22 6:30-7:45pm EP
    9/24 6:30-7:45pm EP
    9/28 6:30-7:45pm EP
    9/29 6:30-7:45pm EP
    10/1 6:30-7:45pm EP

    Squirts Schedule

    Date Time Location
    9/21 5:00-6:15pm EP
    9/22 5:00-6:15pm EP
    9/24 5:00-6:15pm EP
    9/28 5:00-6:15pm EP
    9/29 5:00-6:15pm EP
    10/1 5:00-6:15pm EP

    2015 Fall Learn To Skate Program

    Velocity’s Learn to Skate Program has been designed for players 3 years of age and up.  “If you do not know how to skate or are just starting out, this is the program for you!”

    4:1 Student to Instructor Ratio – Insures each student gets the most individualized instruction possible. 

    Program uses Velocity’s unique training tools to help beginning skaters improve their:

    1.  Balance
    2.  Edge work
    3.  Posture
    4.  Stride Technique
    5.  Confidence
    6.  Holding the Stick
    7.  Proper playing gear
    8.  Getting up and down off the ice.

    The Program is a combination of exercises on the floor, skating treadmill and on ice progressions, all in a fun and safe environment. Please note that we do require full hockey equipment for our Learn to Skate Program. This includes stick, gloves, helmet, shin pads, elbow pads, etc... 





    2015 Velocity Hockey Learn to Skate Program August

    Please click on link for program details

    August Schedule:

    Date: Day: Time:
    August 11th Tuesday 1:45 - 2:45pm
    August 14th Friday 8:30 - 9:30am
    August 18th Tuesday 1:45 - 2:45pm
    August 20th Thursday 1:45 - 2:45pm
    August 25th Tuesday 1:45 - 2:45pm
    August 27th Thursday 1:45 - 2:45pm
    September 1st Tuesday 1:45 - 2:45pm
    September 3rd Thursday 1:45 - 2:45pm

    Fall Velocity Hockey Strength Programs & Speed/Agility Programs Registrations OPEN!

    Dan Meinz

    Director of Strength and Conditioning

    Phone: 952.937.0949 Ext. 4